As experienced and recommended house and pet sitters we take great pride in ensuring a worry-free experience and that you return to a well-cared-for home and garden with happy pets.

Beginning the Sit

To ensure a positive experience for all concerned, we have found that when we arrive the day before your departure it creates the opportunity to meet you and your pets, plus review any routines and/or special requirements. This makes for a smooth and reassuring transition.


To make sure we cover off all aspects of home care and pet care, we’ll be ready with checklists, copies of which we will forward to you prior to our arrival.

The checklists cover items such as contact information, location of main house utilities (electrical breaker box, water shut-off), pet schedules for walking and feeding, plant and garden requirements and so on.

We really want to get a strong connect with your pets from the get-go as that really sets the vibe for a successful house sit and pet sit – for example:

  • do they have special toys that they play with/share?
  • do they have favorite spots for being scratched/rubbed/stroked?
  • do they have behaviors (eating socks or kleenex, for example) that we need to be aware of?


We are also ready to keep you updated via email during your time away at a frequency that meets your schedule, unless you prefer not to be disturbed .

Coming Home

On your return we like to do a de-brief to review any items or issues of significance that happened while you were away, such as power outages, minor repairs, phone calls or any other events of note that occurred.

Our Commitment to You

Finally, we take our commitments to you very seriously. Once we have agreed to house sit for you, we will be there as arranged.

Plus, we always build in some time between our house sitting engagements to ensure we can cover for you if you are unexpectedly delayed on your return.

Piece of Mind

Our total focus is on creating “piece of mind” for you while you are away.

Manny the Ridgeback

Manny has adopted Costa Rica